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Healthcare Begins at Home.

Gain a Plethora of benefits for a Fraction of the cost with iVirtual Visit

Have an issue that needs professional advice? Your answer is only a call away!

Get your  prescriptions delivered to you or pre-ordered for pickup at convience.

With iVirtual Visit, you no longer need to travel all the way to the doctor in order to receive special care.

iVirtual Visit Brings LOCAL Physicians to Your Home!

A Personal One on One Physician Relationship.


Prescription Pick-up At Your Preferred Pharmacy

Transportation for Office Visits Available

"Its ALWAYS Cancer Awareness Month"

Early Detection Saves Lives
iVirtual Visit Physicians

iVirtual Visit Makes Healthcare EASY!

Our Doctors are LOCALS!

A Virtual Tele-Medicine Visit with us, is like Receiving a Personal Introduction to your NEW FAVORITE Physician.

Being Sick is STRESSFUL!

The iVirtual Team REDUCES Stress by Helping you take the FIRST Recovery Step IMMEDIATELY!

Meet The Physicians Helping Your Neighborhood FEEL BETTER FASTER!

No matter what city or state you are in our PPO network can service and reach you even at the farthest reaches that other networks usually cannot.

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Medical Professionals from Different Backgrounds

The Florida Locals

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The NYC Locals

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The Caribbean Locals

Spanish | Creole

The Texas Locals


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My experience was great. I had no idea it would be this easy!

Jack Gungell

Greatest service around, it saves me so much time!

Mike Scorick

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